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Yesterday was a busy day – I had two things to do!
Up early I made cake pops for Angel’s party. She said to bring something, so as usual I had to figure out something sweet to bring. Cake pops are easy to make, have a great presentation and are fun to eat! I made vanilla cake with chocolate coating. A couple of weeks ago I found vanilla powder, which I didn’t even know exsited.   It’s pretty strong and I wanted a strong vanilla flavor so I added about 2 tablespoons of it.   I used a white cake mix for the pops so with the addition of the vanilla powder and an egg yolk (the box called for just whites) my cake pops were vanilla colored on the inside! 

We dropped of the cake pops at Angel’s then off to Venice to park and get bikes.   I really want my own bike and hope to have one soon.  I couple of months ago I got the crazy idea that I wanted to do the AIDS Ride from San Francisco to LA which is the 2nd week of June.   Of course I don’t own a bike and havent ridden a bike and worked out in a gym in ages so as the date came closer I changed my plans to NEXT year.    So I’m on the lookout for a new bike.  Next week I go to the Bay Area with Mary and on our way up to Monte Rio from SFO we’re going to stop at Mission Bicycle Company so I can check out their bikes.  There are so many new custom bike places popping up now – it’s truly exciting.

Anyhoo, I digress.  We rented bikes and rode off to the Las Douradas Children’s Center to get our $70 bracelets and a map to the homes on this’ years walk.   We’ve done this walk so many years, I think this is our tenth year.  It’s super fun to see the homes and the different micro neighborhoods.   Some of the homes are just little turn of the century bungalows and some are modern art masterworks.  Most of the gardens are beautiful as well.  The whole thing makes me long for a home and a garden.   I wish.

After trotting all over Venice with a pitstop at Beyond Baroque and and SPARC to snack on a mini Rockenwagner sandwich and from the food trucks we were off to Angel’s grilled cheese party.   I went to her house once before over the summer.  I only knew a couple of people but met more people and seems like I’ve know them forever! 

Fun day, good times, good people.




Sitting Room

Closet Curtain

Cool plant



Modern Kitchen

Water Lilly

Ice Cream Cone






Peanut Butter






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