Another Day

Another day goes by and I am thinking of my Dad.  He left us in June 2010 and really a day doesnt go by where I don’t think of him..and my Mom.  Love them both and miss them tremendously.   I really do.  

My Dad was a 30 year Army vet so every memorial day I think of him.  Even before he died.   He joined the Army somtime during college.  I think he said he flunked out or got kicked out or something “mutual”.   He knew my Mom then.  Well he knew her way before then but they were dating by the time he joined up.   The Korean War was going on at that time.  

Once they got married and immediately moved cross country to Pismo Beach, California.   What a culture shock.  From the throws of Long Island and NYC to little Pismo Beach.   Not too long after they were in Washington State and then Texas before he was off to Korea….for 18 months.   Jeez.  Tim was born during that time and 11 months later Judy came along.   I can’t imagine!

Dad served in Korea at the tail end of the Korean War.  It might have been over by then.   He was a helicopter pilot.   He also served two tours in Veitnam, 1966 and 1972.   I remember when he was off to war.  Mom had to hold down the fort with 4 kids!

We moved a lot but that was just the way it was.   Mom and Dad took care of us.  Man, I miss you guys.


Dad in Korea


Chopper Pilot


Dad at Operation New Life, Guam 1975


Vietnamese arrivals for Operation New Life, Guam 1975

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