Fleurette & Coquette

The passing of my beloved and wonderful Didi had a big impact on me. I really missed her and have been pretty depressed since she died. She just went too soon and I was totally unprepared. In the weeks that have passed I have not slept well – keep waking up at 4:45am. The house was dirty because I just didn’t give a shit. I’d go to work early because, well I was up and why not? There was nothing keeping me here in the morning.

So, I had been secretly looking for kitties. Mostly on petfinder.org.  For some reason last weekend I was looking on my iPhone and I looked at the listings on Craigslist.  Not sure why because I never look at stuff on Craigslist.  But I did and I saw a listing for a “Stunning Sleek White Kitten/Blue Eyes – Needs Home ASAP”.  OMG, I was in love with her.   I saved the photo on my phone.   I kept going back to Craigslist and I kept seeing this kitty being posted over and over.  Her name is Fleurette.  So cute!  No one wanted her?  How could that be?   So, it was time.  I wanted to meet her.  I inquired.

Meeting was set for Weds night at the Foster Mom’s house.  In my heart I knew I was going to get Fleurette.  In my mind I was all, “don’t commit!  think about it first!”.   So, at dusk I drove up, up, up to the very top of the hills above West Hollywood and through a giant front door window, I saw her.   She was romping around and adorable.  Once inside I see another white kitty run up.  “Who is this?!”  I’m told that is her sister, Coquette, who is also up for adoption but someone is coming in 15 minutes to see her. At some point I blurt out “we want them both”.   There goes the “thinking about it” thing but when you know, you know.

I call the rescuer, Loran and tell her we want both but I know there’s someone else interested.   “C’est la vie”, she says.   Loran is French so this type of thing comes out of her mouth very naturally.   “We would rather keep them together”.   I was SO relieved!   So excited!   So happy!

That night I cleaned and cleaned.  There was going to little ones in the house!   The next day, got kitten food, litter, and various other kitten accoutrement.  I’m ready.

Thursday night I picked them up from the Foster Mom in a seemingly illicit cat trade in the back of my Prius.  They were very calm on the ride back and once I let them out they explored for about a half hour, then drank water, then ate the kitten food and ultimately pooped in the littler box.  They were completely at ease and at home.

They are loving and funny and playful and sweet and I am so glad they are in my life.

On another note, the Foster Mom (who is amazing by the way) had a couple other kitties she was fostering.  One an orange/ginger tabby named Kenny, is awesome.  He’s older but has this big man face and is sweet as they come.   Loran, the rescuer, is also totally awesome.  She rescues kitties from the Downey shelter which has a 90% kill rate.  Fleurette & Coquette came from the Downey shelter.  She’s out there hustling for these cats and making a difference.    Please call Loran and get yourself a kitty – or volunteer to be a Foster:  310 927 7350

More information on the ultimate guide to pet adoptions at HomeoAnimal.com here.

Double Trouble

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  1. Ellen C says:


    I’m so glad you adopted these two together. Before they were at the home you adopted them from, our family fostered them with their brother for about a month. Their previous names were Blossom and Bubbles, and they were a delight. All three kittens would suckle on one another’s fur, sometimes in a circle (I assume they were taken too soon from Mom). They have always been gentle, sweet, and playful.

    Both are very good with my big dog, in case that figures into your situation (I looked around your blog and saw Didi on a leash–I think they would do well meeting dogs).

    If you’d like, I can send you a few younger pictures of your girls. Thank you for keeping them together.

    Ellen C.

    • cathymerenda says:

      Ellen C – I thought I had replied to this last week but cannot seem to find the reply!
      Thank you so much for letting me know about the girls! I am so thankful we have them, they are such a joy! I only wish now we could have their brother with them but I am sure he went to a good home.
      The two of them still suckle each other – so cute. I would LOVE to have photos of them a tiny kittens. Thank you so much for fostering. You are a saint.


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