Best of 2014

2014 Best Of 750

Some of my favorite moments from 2014.

Top row left:  Taja emulating Carrie Bradshaw in an ode to Sex in the City, Eliana’s Pink horse, Green Bench outside Bluebird, Kings Road London, Debra at 9 months, Dave on the piano at Sonic Fuel Studios, Carolina headshot taken on rooftop, London Eye Capsules, Night shot of Serpent in Galleta Meadows, Borrego Springs, CA.

Second row left: Skyler at 10 days, Jonah lamenting the birth of his sister Skyler, Galetta Meadows horse sculptures in Borrego Springs, CA, Elaine Taekwando, First time at Stonehenge, London Eye at night when I made Katy and Meagan indulge me while I went to the very center to take this shot, Fleurette portrait, Nicole O’Malley (who was also a favorite in last years collage).

Third row left: Taja naked newborn, Eliana avoiding the spotlight with a pink ball, Cathy self portrait taken inside elevator of Ace Hotel Shoreditch, Marty & Pat Just Married in Richmond VA, David O, Planet of the Apes Scoring Session, Tower of London Poppies.

Fourth row left:  South Bank Carousel, Taja as Hanna from Girls, Blue Carmen, Dave Lighting Experiment, Jordan as the Black Swan, London Lady taken outside the Soho Hotel, Meagan at the Royal Observatory.

Fifth row left:  Lovey red headed Ruby, Eliana having a Elvis-worthy breakdown, Leanna preggy, Marissa Perspective outside the Soho Hotel February, 2014, Katy Perspective outside the Soho Hotel June, 2014, Big Ben, Carnaby Street night lights, High Line Park, NYC November.

Bottom row left:  Katy & Meagan at St. Paul’s Cathedral, Brooklyn Bridge, BT Tower 10pm sunset, Debra 9 months, Pink Smoke, Brianne Hearts, Katy, Marissa in Pink.

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