Best of 2013

Here’s a summary of my life in photos for 2013.  It started out with my usual trip to Cannes and London but this time Janet came which made it a bit more fun.  I got to show her a tiny bit of Europe and London.   She was in awe and I loved it.   In April I took a trip with Megan and Katy to Paris.     I took a trip to Virginia to visit my Aunt Carole and get her stories.   Which was wonderful.   Kauai in July was as beautiful as ever and NYC in October was busy with work.   I did take a few days to visit with the rellies in upstate NY and got some great stories (although I need to do it again…don’t ask).   I did a few portrait sessions and got into studio lighting a little.  I will explore that more in 2014.  I really like it.


Top left: Coco jumping, Marissa, Dave with Popo & Coco, Lion at Shambala, Guitar Cake!, Fox Elephant topiaries, books from The Last Bookstore (top), Versailles chandelier (bottom), Elle with red bow, Elle with Gavin. Second row left: Meagan at L’Arpege in Paris, Coco, Popo looking out the window, Kauai long exposure, Pig Cake, Banksy in NYC, Eliana. Third row left: Katy & Meagan in Paris, Paris apartment stairs, Katy in Paris, Marissa. Fourth row from left: Lynnie & Meg wedding moment (top), stuffing waffle (bottom), Janet at The Globe Theater in London, Katy in Paris, Marissa being mauled by wolf, Angel the beautiful breasted beauty, Danielle & newly adopted son Efrem (top), L’arpege knife (bottom), Zack being an asshole (top), Gia at 7 days (bottom), Paula (top), Clementine Cake (bottom), Fifth row left: Katy and Meagan and me toasting our last night in Paris, Katy & Meagan at the Louvre, Katy in Montmartre, Katie Thiroux on bass, Old woman with witch, Lynnie & Meg’s wedding lights, Danielle, The Patton/O’Donohue clan, eye painting, London Eye. Bottom row left: Dave, Bethany, Nicole, Garcia family on ice, Kauai sunrise, Anna, Paris, Downtown Los Angeles

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