Proud Mama

At the end of July I did a photos for Christopher.  He’s an actor and attends LACHSA.  A really great kid.

His mom is too.  We work together.  I’ve know Rebecca for a very long time.  She’s the “tell it like it is” type, no BS.  Fun and funny too.  We get along just fine.

Anyway, I was honored when she asked if she could get prints of the one photo I took of her and Chris a couple of months ago.  You see, in her office she’s got a beautiful black & white of her and Chris that was taken 5 years ago.  It’s a sweet picture and they’re both laughing and just living each other.   They are two peas in a pod and it shows in that photo.  She wanted to frame the photo I took of her and Chris the same way as the one 5 years ago.   Five years from now, she’ll do another portrait.  What a great idea!

Anyway, we worked on matching the tone of the framed photo – color and brightness.  I kept emailing her jpegs and then running down to her office to see how close we got.  Once we settled, I ordered prints from MPIX Pro (who are totally awesome).

We got the print today and it was beautiful.  I am happy with it and Becky is over the moon.   Yay us!


Mother & Son

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