Little Dom

I might have mentioned this before, but there’s been a baby explosion in my office the past few years.  In a mere four years there’s been 9 babies born and there’s one more on the way.  10 kids!

So I took photos of Elaine’s little one Elle here.  She’s a cutie and was only 10 days old.   Well 2 days after Elle was born, Dominic was born and in the same hospital!   I did not get a chance to meet little Dom until last week when he visited the office.  I just so happened to have my camera with me – so I snapped a few while Dom’s beautiful mother held him.  He was super sweet and calm.

I need to get back to taking more photos – been out of it for a while. Recovering from the crazy virus/lung icky that’s been going around. BUT, I’m back!

PS – this little Dom is not to be confused with the wonderful Hillhurst restaurant of the same name.



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