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Good Riddance 2010, Hello 2011!

OK, finally 2010 is over.  I am glad.  Finally.  The end of a rough year for a lot of people.  But I am still a very lucky person.  I have so much.    My health is good (thank you Dr. Hall), I have friends and family that love me, a great job that I love, and […]

Carina & Danny, Pacific Grove, CA

Well I guess Amber’s twin sister, Carina liked the pictures I took at Amber’s wedding because she asked me to shoot her wedding to Danny.   They were probably the most calm and low key people I’ve ever met.  Everything was calm and relaxed and fun.   I had a great time photographing them and I really […]


She said she found a cool polka dot wall nearby.   So I asked her if she wanted to get some pictures taken there.  “OK”, she said.  So we got a couple of peeps together went out and ate at Carmines then headed over to the wall.   After a few shots wherein Carolina looked just like […]

Quitting Time

Just got a new lens.  I lurve it!  16-55mm/2.8.  It’s awesome!  I cannot wait to try it out.  I cannot wait to see what it looks like on the beach.    Here’s one of my first shots.  This is on the way to my car after work.   Love it!


My sweet Valentine Dave got me the most beautiful flowers.  They were delivered to my office on Friday.  It was a surprise and really made me feel special.  Dave knows how to send flowers!   This is a photo of my little Valentine Didi checking out the flowers.

2010 Gig Poster Calendar

I love having a calendar at work.  I look at it all the time to check days and dates, which is of course what a calendar is for.   Every year for many many years I have had a music related calendar since I work in the music business.  So it fits into the vibe of […]