I Miss My Parents

My Dad passed away on June 6th of last year…it might have been a few minutes into June 7th.  I’m a little fuzzy on that.  I remember I was doing a photo shoot with Elaine & Chris when I got a call from Judy saying they were going to move Dad into Capital Hospice.   He was having a hard time breathing.   I felt numb and didn’t really know what to do.  I felt so far away.  I was about 100 yards from the ocean and a million miles away from my family.  But I just kept going on with the shoot.   There was really nothing I could do.  I guess I could have stopped right there and gone and hopped on a flight to Dulles but I didn’t.    I don’t know why.  It would not have made a difference.   I had said my goodbyes to him a week or so before.   His last words were “I have my cell”.     That was awesome!     Judy was with Dad when he took his last breath.

Mom & Dad – they were just kids!

Wedding Day Cake

50th Anniversary Cake   

The Fam.   Aren’t we awesome?

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