8 Years!

I’m a little late with this but I’ve been a bit under the weather.   After a month of fighting off a respiratory thing it finally hit me.  Hard.  Actually in a a matter of a few hours I felt the sore throat, fever chills, etc, etc come on.   After a couple of days with no improvement I finally got to a doctor and for the first time in about 10 years I’m taking antibiotics.   Looking forward to feeling 100 again.  And riding my bike!

In the meantime guess who turned 8 years old?   My little bitty kitty Didi!  I cannot believe it but alas she is growing up and is quite a little lady now.  It’s funny how she is still evolving and changing.  She still loves to play.  A lot.  She begs to play and wants to play WITH you.   She runs around like crazy and scratches stuff as she always has.   But now I notice she’ll sleep longer (um like a real cat) and cat nap for hours.   And now all of the sudden – literally in the past month – she lays right next to me for a scratching.  She never did that before.  Never1   It’s so sweet and I welcome her into my arms.   It took eight years but finally she’s a snuggler.   I love you Didi Lee Capucine Merenda!


Hi, I'm Didi

Didi Stroller

Didi Sun

Didi Sweetie

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