Video: Lonnie Starlet “D S G”

I made another music video.   This is my second one.  My first one was pretty much a spur of the moment thing – at least the shooting of it was.   This time I actually planned it and we had two shooting sessions.   The whole thing is such a big challenge for me.  I really like it!  I wish I was better!

My friend Paula Paige put a message out to the world that she was looking for someone to make a video for her band Lonnie Starlet.  Paula and her musical partner Wes Hambright were working an an album and wanted to video one of the songs.   I jumped in and said “I’ll take a crack at it” and was hired.   Eep!

So the plan was to shoot Paula and Wes during their recording session for the song “D S G”.   I packed up my Canon 5D Mkii, tripods, lenses, etc and headed over to Wes’ studio.   They did 3 live takes of “D S G” which I shot then a few takes of Paula and Wes lipsyncing to the song.

I went home, did a lyric take down, then edited it all together with Adobe Premiere Pro and made a rough cut.  It was hard because we shot live and between the 3 takes nothing was lining up with the final track.  Or at least a lot of it didn’t line up.   The rough was just ok but I needed more material!

So we set up another shoot this time to the track.   Plus by then I had my Ikan lights which were awesome.   I did a bunch of takes, learning from the last shoot.   I had coverage this time.   Looking back I wish I had more material but we live and learn, right?  I always feel rushed so the talent doesnt get bored or frustrated – even when I shoot stills.  Of course in Professional Showbiz the talent does a lot of retakes and reshoots and waiting around for everything to be just right.  I need to keep that in mind every time but alas I never do!

So I started from scratch and did another edit – this time Lonnie Starlet was much happier.  We went back and forth a few times with just had a few fixes.   So their album “Skin” is out now and the video is too!


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  1. Jenny says:

    Nice video! Love the sharpness and the shadows. Well done!

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