Grape Throat

Well I went “wine tasting” with Carolina and Haydee (C and H for short). My version of wine tasting is that you go around to different wineries, say in Napa Valley or some such place like that, and get small tastings of their offerings to see if you want to buy a bottle or two and bring home to drink.
Well the first 5 seconds of the tasting with C and H was to taste wine so we could buy a bottle, open it and drink right there!
We met at Malibu Golf Club where they have wine tasting of Saddlerock and Semler wines. The place is gorgeous. Up in the mountains above Malibu the wine tasting area is outdoors and overlooks the golf course which is surrounded by mountains. They have acoustic acts playing music while everyone is sitting under umbrellas enjoying the day. We got a bottle of Saddlerock Sauvignon Blanc, ordered some tidbits to eat and relaxed.
spreadWe downed that bottle then went on to The Sip which is a tiny bohemian family owned winery not too far from where we were. This time we actually did a proper tasting of a flight of these wonderful wines. For our drinking bottle we went with red this time and got a bottle of the Cielo Wines Woodstock Collection Wildberrys Cabernet Sauvignon.
C pulled out the cheese, crackers and chocolate and grapes and I pulled out my mega chocolate chip cookies and we proceeded to wind down even more.



At some point we started making short films using Vine. I haven’t laughed that hard in years. H named this one “Grape Throat”.

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