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800 Degrees

I’ve been watching the old Daphne’s Greek Food space for a while.  It was transforming but into what?   800 Degrees Pizza?   Sounds cool but will it be good?   Finally there were clues.   I saw this post of LA Eater and this one at LA Times and got excited.   I’ve never been to Umami burger but […]

Pizza Pizza

I love pizza.  Really good pizza.  What I consider “really good” is more like how they make it in Naples.  I think.  Been to Italy – Rome, Tuscany, Florence, etc.  But never been to Naples to eat the pizza but I think I would really, really like it.  So my favorites are, in no particular […]

Is this good or bad?

ok, NYC used to have the best pizza on earth. I was actually looking forward to going there in 2 weeks. But with this news I’m not so sure there’s anything to go to NY for anymore, foodwise.Una Pizza Napoletana is CLOSED. Unbelievable. It was the leader of the pack in NY’s Neopolitan pizza influx. […]

Una Pizza Napoletana

Here’s a short film about my #1 pizza place, Una Pizza Napoletana.