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I was at a party last week and there were like 20 adults and two tiny kids.   Jack and Amelia are the 2 kids.  They’re twins.  Not identical (duh).   I think they’re like 2 years old and are very active but not vocal.   They do talk to themselves however.   They’re pretty good kids.  Tiny meltdowns […]

Garden – Party

Yesterday was a busy day – I had two things to do! Up early I made cake pops for Angel’s party. She said to bring something, so as usual I had to figure out something sweet to bring. Cake pops are easy to make, have a great presentation and are fun to eat! I made […]


A week and a half ago I decided to book two trips.  I went to see Mary in Carmel and now I am at my Sisters house in Virginia.  I needed some support, friends and family.  I’m glad I decided to go on these trips.   Flying is so easy now (yes, in spite of the […]