Happy Holidays from Fox Music 2011!

So, as I’ve posted here and here and here before I pretty much took it upon myself to create an e-card for the music department every year.  Last years was really cool.  I rented a tilt shift lens and Emily painted posters to create a stadium card trick.  It came out really nice and everyone loved it.

The year before was people and their pets.  Which was a lot of pre and post production and really sweet.

So the pressure is on every year to top myself.

This year we got to use the Newman Scoring Stage at Fox which made the setting hard to beat.   We shot everyone with my Canon 5D Mkii using either an 85 1.2 or 50 1.4 lens.   I used 2 Flolights – they’re flourescent video lights – borrowed from the lighting department.   So cool!

After I shot everyone I edited down all the segments in Adobe Premier Pro.  I put them into After Effects to do the animation but was very frustrated with the performance of my computer.  It was a lot of load and I couldnt render anything fast enough.  So I scrapped the whole thing and went back to Premiere.  Much easier and faster.  The only hard part was rendering the end grid of videos.  It took two hours!  Crazy!   All in all, I like the way it came out.

Thinking of next year….


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