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I got to shoot Kat again.  This time she asked if I could shoot her raw and edgy.  So we met down in Venice.  My original idea was to go to the Venice Art Walls.  They’re awesome.  Originally they were just leftover walls from the Venice Pavillion from the 60’s.   Graffiti just appeared on these […]


We met at the Big Pink Building on Melrose.  A location I’ve wanted to shoot for a long time.  It’s just soooo cool lookin’!   I told her to wear all black for contrast.  Little did I know she’d come with props too!   Awesome!   Fun morning and I like the pictures too.  Elaine was so fun […]

2010 Gig Poster Calendar

I love having a calendar at work.  I look at it all the time to check days and dates, which is of course what a calendar is for.   Every year for many many years I have had a music related calendar since I work in the music business.  So it fits into the vibe of […]

Happy New Year from Didi

This is my super sweet little bird named Didi. I attempted my version of the 2009 Grammy Posters. Fun Photoshop sillyness.

Happy Holidays

Star Self Portrait

Well since a couple of months ago when I had to cram to learn how to shoot a wedding, I started following Jasmine Star’s blog. She’s a super hard working, super duper wedding photog. She blogs every day and is a funny, honest writer. This is my self portrait that includes a star. Hopefully Jasmine […]

Didi Talks!

I think we may have found a solution for the next Holiday card!

Didi Talks!

I think we may have found a solution for the next Holiday card!


I subscribe to the Modern Cat emails and a link to this super cute Zwicky poster came in not too long ago. It’s by renouned Swiss poster artist, Donald Brun and was created for a yarn company called Zwicky. You can see lots more great posters and buy them here.

Zack Landrum

A Wordle of Zack Landrum Blog

A Brit in Britain

Wordle of Jacquie Perryman’s A Brit in Britain blog

One Cat’s Opinion

Wordle of

Katy O

I just love this picture of my niece Katy in her ballerina outfit. I wanted to blow it up real huge and put it on my wall..but I only had a wallet size of the photo. So I photoshopped it real good and now it’s 6 foot x 4 foot matted on foamcore. I love […]


First attempt. Done in Flash. This took forever!

It’s Pop It’s Art

I visited the folks at EMI Music Publishing in London last month. They had commissioned artists to create art from song lyrics and sell them at It’s Pop It’s Art. There’s lot’s of great songs they did this to – Rolling Stones “Miss You”, John Lennon’s “Imagine” but I really loved the Marvin Gaye “What’s […]