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Happy New Year from Didi

This is my super sweet little bird named Didi. I attempted my version of the 2009 Grammy Posters. Fun Photoshop sillyness.

Fox Music Holiday Card 2009

This eCard is the result of weeks of prep work, photo shoots, chasing cats and dogs (even a pig and a goat). This pushed my ageing computer to it’s limit but it was worth it.

Star Self Portrait

Well since a couple of months ago when I had to cram to learn how to shoot a wedding, I started following Jasmine Star’s blog. She’s a super hard working, super duper wedding photog. She blogs every day and is a funny, honest writer. This is my self portrait that includes a star. Hopefully Jasmine […]

Girls Night Out

Dave & I taped “Girls Night Out” with Toney Pozek for GNAT-TV in Manchester, VT. I made four recipes from my book, “Sweet Things” in front of a live audience. Hot Chocolate, Granola, Pecan Sticky Buns and Savory Ricotta Tortes were enjoyed by the audience.  My sister Judy came along and helped with a ton of stuff.  The show […]

Didi’s Mommy & Daddy

It took me about 10 hours to sew these costumes! They were super comfortable (stretch velour)! I dyed Didi’s spots on the back with coffee. Latte, Cappucino, Americano and Espresso spots.


I subscribe to the Modern Cat emails and a link to this super cute Zwicky poster came in not too long ago. It’s by renouned Swiss poster artist, Donald Brun and was created for a yarn company called Zwicky. You can see lots more great posters and buy them here.

Not Much Has Changed

Found this picture at my Dad’s house. Am going to use it in the 2nd ed. of Sweet Things. Funny to see that not much has changed with me…