Homemade Pop-Tarts

They’re kind of like PIE but better and their kind of like POP TARTS only better.   Little hand pies.   I made them for Thanksgiving.   Paul Prudhommes Sweet Potato Pecan Pie Pop Tarts (say that 3 times fast).   They came out ok.  They tasted great and held together but it’s beed SO dry here (humidity 22%) I didnt quite get the dough as malleable as I would have liked.  Next time it will be better.

I made only half of the PPSPPP recipe and spread the sweet potato mixture onto the dough, then sprinked chopped pecans on top, then spooned the pecan pie mixture over the pecans.   I topped with the other rectangle of dough.  Sealed with egg wash and fork tines then baked.   Pretty easy to make.   I cant wait for summer when I can try cherry pop tarts!

That said I am thankful for my health and the support of my family and friends during this tough and trying year.   I cannot wait until 2011.

Pop Tarts

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