One Year

This year was better than last year for me.  Last year was a tough year.   On all fronts.   This year has not been without it’s serious stresses but I’ll live.    Summer was pregnant last year and now we are celebrating the one year birthday of her daughter Nora.

Nora is simply adorable.  Sweet and girlish and beautiful.   Her brother Declan is all boy.  Rough and tumble on the outside but a gentlemen nonetheless.   Summer and her husband Jared celebrated Nora’s one year birthday with a very nice get together at their cool mid century house.  Loved the house!   It was an Owl themed party and the cupcakes and cookies were SO cute!   I wished I hadnt forgotten to wear my own necklace!   Darn it!

Owl Cupcakes!

Owl Cookies

Nora's Table

Kid's Table



Declan sharing

Nora is One!

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