I should have posted this last week but I’ve had a pretty bad ear ache and it’s taken me a while to get it together.   Anyhoo, I’m on it now!

Last week the iTunes email featured a spotlight on Cooking and a link to dessert books.  So, naturally I clicked on it as well, you know, I love dessert books.  Well, lo and behold my book is featured!   Wow!

It was so exciting to see my book, Sweet Things, up there with Miette (great book and wonderful bakery in San Francisco), Cakepops by Bakerella (a fun book and one of my favorite food bloggers), David Leibovitz and three Martha Stewart books!

I’m still working on the videos for the enhanced version of the book.   I have one down and I think I’ll record my Goo Bars, Marshmallows and maybe the Galette.  Not sure what else though.

See it all for yourself here.   Check out my book here!



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