Christmas Cats

Happy Holidays y’all! Thanks to Scooter Knits and CatAtelier on Etsy

Swimming With Sharks

There’s a really nice coffee shop on La Brea called Graffiti Sublime Coffee. It’s in the old City restaurant space. You know, the one by the Mary Sue Milikien and Susan Feniger?   No?   Well it was a long time ago. Anyhoo, Graffiti is a huge white space with great coffee and sweets.  The space […]

Kindle Kindle Kindle!

I finally got my book Sweet Things on Amazon Kindle!  Dang, it was easier than I thought but it took a while to get there.  So in June I put my book on iPad as discussed here.  In September it was featured in the cooking section!  It took a long time to figure out how […]


A few months back I downloaded my first MacBook app from the App Store.  I didn’t even know I could do that but one day I found a new icon on my dock that said “App Store” and lo and behold I could now buy more software for my computer!   Very convenient. I don’t know […]


I should have posted this last week but I’ve had a pretty bad ear ache and it’s taken me a while to get it together.   Anyhoo, I’m on it now! Last week the iTunes email featured a spotlight on Cooking and a link to dessert books.  So, naturally I clicked on it as well, you […]

Public M8

I finally got it.  After months, weeks, days and hours of obsession and deliberation I got my bike.  I got a Public Bike M8 in orange and I love it!  It came fully assembled, save the pedals and the handle bars but it literally took 15 minutes to get it going – including taking it […]

Bike Bike Bo Fike

Banana Fanna Fo Fike, Bike!   I’m getting a bike.  I can’t wait.  My goal, and I’ll say it out loud, is to do the AIDS Ride next year.  I wanted to do it this year but I got busy with my projects.   You know how it goes. I had to finish my book, Sweet Things.  […]

New York, New York

Went to NYC last week. Luckily I missed all the hot weather. It was actually perfect outside. Like room temperature. I went for work but had a little fun in between. I stayed at The Benjamin which was awesome and even more so because they upgraded me to a suite!   Sweet!  The hotel is at […]

Smitty Imaging Ltd.

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